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Employee information from cities, counties, special districts, superior courts, the University of California, California State University, community college districts, K-12 education providers, First 5 commissions, and fairs and expos will appear in this report once their payroll figures are published for the selected calendar year.

Report: Employers in County

Employer Employer Type Employees Total Wages Total Retirement & Health Contribution
San Francisco City 35,419 $2,724,363,433 $794,052,451
Bay Area Air Quality Management District Special District 341 $32,717,294 $9,535,747
City and County of San Francisco Redevelopment Financing Authority Special District 113 $7,265,598 $1,572,256
Beta Healthcare Group Risk Management Authority Special District 84 $8,684,863 $1,532,360
City of San Francisco Downtown Parking Corporation Special District 34 $1,433,779 $435,124
City of San Francisco Ellis - OFarrell Parking Corporation Special District
City of San Francisco Japan Center Garage Corporation Special District 14 $231,863 $35,460
City of San Francisco Market Corporation Special District 3 $0 $0
City of San Francisco Portsmouth Plaza Parking Corporation Special District 37 $1,069,760 $304,682
City of San Francisco Uptown Parking Corporation Special District 14 $178,000 $31,888
Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District Special District 969 $64,102,438 $27,868,745
Transbay Joint Powers Authority Special District 19 $1,693,879 $469,506
San Francisco County Transportation Authority Special District 52 $3,785,764 $1,379,585
San Francisco Community College District Community College District 2,791 $133,770,754 $34,244,439
State University, San Francisco California State University 7,654 $197,776,173 $62,965,987
San Francisco Community Health Authority Special District 14 $0 $0