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Special District Type:

Report: Special Districts for Type

Special District County Employees Total Wages Total Retirement & Health Contribution
Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District Alameda
San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District Alameda 4,419 $523,548,089 $144,185,646
Golden Empire Transit District Kern 400 $17,612,087 $3,419,813
Marin County Transit District Marin 27 $1,793,182 $496,843
Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit District Marin 155 $13,984,909 $3,256,639
North Coast Railroad Authority Mendocino 11 $181,547 $44,963
Sacramento Regional Transit System Sacramento
North County Transit District San Diego 174 $12,326,732 $2,508,377
San Joaquin Regional Transit District San Joaquin
San Mateo County Transit District San Mateo 863 $72,087,554 $19,150,083
Santa Barbara Metropolitan Transit District Santa Barbara 225 $12,695,748 $4,394,794
Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority Santa Clara
Santa Cruz Metropolitan Transit District Santa Cruz 357 $23,134,660 $9,352,635