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Malia M. Cohen
California State Controller
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Employee information from cities, counties, special districts, superior courts, the University of California, California State University, community college districts, K-12 education providers, First 5 commissions, and fairs and expos will appear in this report once their payroll figures are published for the selected calendar year.

Report: Employers in County

Employer Employer Type Employees Total Wages Total Retirement & Health Contribution
Mariposa County County 637 $27,336,376 $6,780,231
Lake Don Pedro Community Services District Special District 9 $234,037 $85,771
Yosemite-Alpine Community Services District Special District 5 $0 $0
John C. Fremont Healthcare District Special District 326 $11,779,537 $1,234,119
Mariposa Public Utility District Special District 27 $507,356 $184,548
Mariposa County Local Transportation Commission Special District 5 $0 $0
Mariposa County Office of Education K-12 Education
Mariposa County Unified K-12 Education 473 $13,975,230 $4,836,505
Sierra Foothill Charter K-12 Education 36 $609,963 $99,044
Mariposa County Fair & Homecoming - DAA 35A Fairs & Expos
Mariposa County Children and Families Commission First 5 20 $151,881 $0
Mariposa County Superior Court Superior Court 19 $1,070,995 $205,641