Government Compensation
in California

Superior Courts 
58 superior courts reported
20,316 employees
350 average number of
employees per superior court
$69,090 average wages
for all employees
$24,872 avg. retirement & health cost
for all employees
$1,403,627,885 total wages
for all superior courts
$505,296,218 total retirement & health cost
for all superior courts
Under state law, judges are paid a specific salary by the state. However, in some cases county superior courts provide a supplemental salary.

All Superior Court employees are considered Judiciary employees.
Chart for Data at a Glance 10468317 10454126 10458121 10454759 10454221 10458770 10452833 13288313 10457148 10458165
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Chart for Historical Data $69,090 $68,302 $69,090 $68,302
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