Government Compensation
in California

Fair Oaks Recreation and Park District (Sacramento County) 
54 employees
$15,875 average wages
in this special district
$5,345 avg. retirement & health cost
in this special district
$857,224 total wages
paid by this special district
$288,631 total retirement & health cost
paid by this special district
The total retirement and health cost sometimes includes payments made by this employer toward the unfunded liability of the employer sponsored retirement plan. To view financial and statistical information for public employee retirement systems, please visit the State Controller's Government Financial Reports website.
Chart for Data at a Glance 6320173 6320142 6320169 6320141 6320135 6320170 6320168 6320140 6320136 6320134
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Chart for Historical Data $15,875 $17,763 $20,641 $20,493 $15,875 $17,763 $20,641 $20,493
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