Government Compensation
in California

University of California 
11 University of California institutions reported
281,515 employees
25,592 average number of
employees per institution
$46,945 average wages
for all employees
$10,453 avg. retirement & health cost
for all employees
$13,215,695,972 total wages
paid by University of California
$2,942,725,811 total retirement & health cost
paid by University of California
The total retirement and health cost sometimes includes payments toward the net pension liabilities of the retirement plan(s).
Chart for Data at a Glance 15099017 15085028 15094096 15166772 15160045 15174518 13894854 13868163 13892999 13901653
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Chart for Historical Data $46,945 $45,631 $43,520 $46,945 $45,631 $43,520
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