Government Compensation
in California

Alameda County   Employers in this County
1,530,176 resident population
9,308 county employees
164 residents per county employee
$422 amount spent on employee
total wages per resident
$184 amount spent on employee
total ret. & health cost per res.
$69,416 average wages
for this county's employees
$30,318 avg. retirement & health cost
for this county's employees
$646,124,457 total wages
paid by this county
$282,197,350 total retirement & health cost
paid by this county
Starting with 2013 information, superior court employees are reported under Superior Courts instead of county governments.
Chart for Data at a Glance 4677592 6647244 4678445 4675353 4675350 4674546 6647245 6647246 4675367 4673150
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Chart for Historical Data $69,416 $51,120 $52,531 $69,416 $51,120 $52,531
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