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This system currently contains salary and compensation information for public entities in California, including 58 counties, more than 450 cities, more than 2,900 special districts, more than 100 higher education providers, K-12 schools, and most state employees for a total of more than 2 million positions. Watch a video introduction featuring Controller John Chiang.

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The database contains information on the salary and other compensation of public employee positions in cities, counties, special districts, the California State University system, the University of California, and for most state employees.

A list of cities, counties, special districts, and K-12 education providers that have yet to file salary and compensation reports—or that have filed incomplete or otherwise non-compliant reports—is also available.

Not included in the database at this time are state positions that are not paid by the Controller, including: staff of legislators and staff of the Lieutenant Governor.

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