Government Compensation
in California

About the Data

The public employee salary data collected and published by the Controller's Office is based on unaudited information as received from the local and state government offices.

This report is considered a supplement to the State Controller's Annual Financial Transactions Report. The authority to collect this information is granted under Government Code sections 12463 and 53892 for Cities, Counties, and Special Districts, and under Public Utilities Code sections 99406 and 99243 for Transportation Planning Agencies and Transit Operators.

The information presented is posted as submitted by the reporting entity. The State Controller’s Office is not responsible for the accuracy of this information. If you have any questions regarding the content of the report, please contact that entity.

What's Included?

The Controller's database contains information on the salary and other compensation of public employee positions in cities, counties, and special districts.

Also listed is compensation information for employee positions in state government that are paid by the Controller, including state employees, the California State University, legislators, and statewide elected officials.

In addition, the database holds voluntarily-submitted information on employee positions not paid by the Controller, including California judges, the University of California, California Community Colleges, K-12 Education providers, First 5 Commissions, and California Fairs and Expositions.

Not paid by the Controller and not included at this time are the staff of legislators and staff of the Lieutenant Governor.

Non-Compliant and Failed-To-File Entities

The following cities, counties, and special districts submitted non-compliant reports or failed to file reports on time:

Instructions for Reporting Entities

Report instructions and templates for cities, counties, and special districts can be found here:

Report instructions and templates for community college districts, K-12, and University of California (UC) can be found here:

Report instructions and templates for fairs & expositions, first 5 commissions, and superior courts can be found here: